In the Shadow of the great Hook Mountain lies the Valley of Shadow. In the center of the Valley the town of Availa lies between the Clay Hills to the west and the Wolf Den Hills and the Black Forest in the east. Availa is a old walled town that lies elevated on what seems a granite slab rising 10 to 12 feet in some places and the walls made of granite blocks rise another 10 feet. It’s an imposing site, this town of Dark gray stone rising from the valley floor. Farm houses are nestled all along its base and farm land stretches all around it. Rice planted in the wetter lands to the south and wheat planted in the hilly meadows to the north.

For such a peaceful looking valley its people have such a look of fear. Wondering that even after almost 300 hundred years the dark past will come back to take them. 300 hundred years ago the lands near here were ruled by a Demonic creature that made its Home in this very town. The Valley was labeled Cursed and even after a Sister of Imodae and her 4 sworn protectors and friends came to town and entered the dark tower. Neither they or the Demon were seen since that day. The town has lived in fear that the cursed demon would return. Soon after that day the people outside the valley pulled down the Bridge across the Dark River cutting most travel to and from the Valley hoping to keep what ever lingering evil hides in this seemingly nice town trapped. Hopefully never to return.

The Town elders have decided that the townsfolk should not speak of it and that the skilled adventures in the town should have at least 2 young trainees. That persons in town can only be told of the towns history once their mentor has passed them as ready and they are brought forward to the council and judged ready and become Protectors. Even once so Judged there seems to be more mysteries hidden in every shadow of what should be a thriving town.

Winter is coming and all the signs point to a tough year. The old ones tell hard winters bring hard creatures closer and closer to town. Soon young adventures you will be called to go push back against the coming Darkness. Maybe the Darkness is closer than you think.

A New Darkness

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